Zeche Ewald….mine Ewald


3 Gedanken zu „Zeche Ewald….mine Ewald

  1. I’m not sure what’s going on with the email notifications, but every time I click on a link to one of your posts, I get a „Page Not Found“ message. I guess I’ll just have to keep checking your home page to see your updates! Love the photos of abandoned buildings. Is that an old mine there?


    1. Unfortunately, I do not know how we can fix the problem. WordPress is sometimes exhausting. Can you see all the pictures ? Yes it is an old abandoned mine. I love these old mines .I can still hear the stories of the workers when I´m there with my camera 😉


      1. Now that I’ve actually found the post, I can see the photos just fine. 🙂 WordPress seems to require a little more tech knowledge than Vox did. I’ve learned post by post how to handle some of the issues, but what a tedious way to acquaint oneself with a blogging tool. I think about the number of posts I’ve had to delete because they appeared „funny“ after they were published. :-/

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